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Coastal Contractors History

Hello. My name is Chip Hamlyn.

I started in the construction field working for my dad at Hamlyn Brothers Construction, building mostly single family homes. Even though they retired a couple decades ago, many people will still vouch for their excellent craftsmanship.

I worked as a general contractor, which means I got experience doing everything from clearing the lot to sweeping the front step on the last day of construction, and everything in between. The experience I gained there allows me to better understand the pressures on all the different people that work together to build a new home. This helps me to work closely with the other trades and avoid a lot of the problems that usually develop when building a new home.

My brother Dick and I started Coastal Contractors, Inc. in 1976. Back then Coastal Contractors was broken up into two divisions, electrical and plumbing.

Today Coastal Contractors has moved its focus to just the Electrical division. My son-in-law Steven Gagne has been with the company since 1988 and helps me keep everything running smoothly.

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Chip Hamlyn

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